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Green Juju

Green Juju Freeze Dried Salmon Blue Bites 7.5oz

Green Juju Freeze Dried Salmon Blue Bites 7.5oz

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Freeze Dried Whole Food Bites for Dogs & Cats

Feed them as high-value training treats or crumble them over a meal for a nutrient-packed topper. 

Wild caught Alaskan salmon with organic purple cabbage and organic blueberries.

Phytonutrients are what give plants their vibrant colors. The deep blue and purple in blueberries and purple cabbage are packed with health promoting antioxidants that are nature's best defense.

Ingredients: salmon, organic purple cabbage, organic blueberries, organic fenugreek, mixed tocopherols (a natural preservative).

Grain, Gluten & Filler Free!

How to Use as Meal Topper: Can replace up to 10% of a meal. Add equal parts warm liquid (water or bone broth) to bites and let sit 3-5 minutes before serving with meal to rehydrate or just crumble on top!

Single Protein | 100% Raw Freeze Dried
USA Sourced and PNW Made

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